Cognitive Science

Cognitive science is focused on achieving a scientific understanding of how human cognition works and how it is possible. Research centers on improving knowledge of cognitive functions (such as memory and perception), the structure and use of human language, the evolution of the mind, animal cognition and more.

Key research areas in the future includes ways to improve cognitive performance in the elderly and infants, and ways to maintain good cognitive function. Dietary improvements can have some positive effect on cognitive abilities and performance, protect the brain from damage and counteract the effects of ageing. SPRIM interacts daily with worldwide key opinion leaders in science, in order to inform the design of innovative research programmes in the fields of:

  • ADHD;
  • Mental stress;
  • Alzheimer Disease and Cognitive Function;
  • Attention improvement;
  • Preservation of neurological and cognitive function;
  • Psychological Disorders;
  • Social Anxiety.

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