Quality of Life

Improving Quality of Life through Research



For SPRIM, Quality-of-Life (QoL) improvement is key elements to be pursued through research. Methodologies involving the use of quality-of-life patient outcomes in observational and interventional health studies are based on extensive and diverse research methods.


A wide range of Quality-of-Life parameters are continually updated to stay abreast of new trends and actual needs in the field of human health. Our mission is to achieve the following:

  • Provide professional assistance using our database of academic and professional researchers interested in QoL studies, with the aim of combining efforts and interests to enhance the field of QoL studies in different research areas;
  • Interact with academic institutions (organizations, university hospitals, international associations, etc.) in scientific areas related to: product areas, clinical trial designs and full service appraisals of the QoL of general populations and specific groups (such as segments of diverse age group, neighborhoods, nations, etc.);
  • Promote better cooperation between stakeholders involved in QoL studies by developing superior QoL methodologies for various segment groups and improving the quality of intervention strategies and plans;
  • Encourage cooperation with other organizations regarding QoL studies in order to create a group of international QoL researchers worldwide.


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Improve Patient Outcomes in Intensive Care Units by Nutrition Monitoring: A GE Healthcare/Nestle Health Science Collaboration.

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