Health Reported Outcome

For Better understand health reported outcome and practical Implementation


The voice of the patient, consumer and healthcare professional is an important influencer in the research arena. Throughout the product lifecycle, data from Health Reported Outcome measures provide an accepted source of evidence for product evaluation, approval, communication and marketing.


According to institutional guidelines, we are able to develop tools designed for strategic information collection, from different subjects enrolled in a research program:

  • Patient-reported outcome (PRO): is a measurement based on a report provided by the patient about the status their health condition, without the patient’s report being amended or interpreted by a clinician or anyone else.
  • Observer-reported outcome (ObsRO): is a measurement based on an observation by someone other than the patient or a health professional. This may be a parent, spouse, or other non-clinical caregiver who is in a position to regularly observe and report on a specific aspect of the patient’s health.
  • Clinician-reported outcome (ClinRO): is based on a report produced by a trained healthcare professional after observing a patient’s health condition. A ClinRO measure involves a clinical opinion or interpretation of observable signs, behaviors, or other physical manifestations deemed to be related to a disease or condition.
  • Performance outcome (PerfO): is a measurement based on a task performed by a patient (measures of gait speed, memory recall, or other cognitive tests) according to instructions that is administered by a healthcare professional. Performance outcomes require patient cooperation and motivation.


Digital Platform

SPRIM believes in the use of technology as an essential tool to improve the quality of data collected. Our activity is underpinned by our digital platform for Health Reported Outcome data collection with a goal to enhance the quality and quantity of real life data.

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