Observational Studies

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Observational research is a type of correlational research method in which a researcher observes ongoing behavior. It is often the preferred approach in the social sciences and marketing sectors. This social research technique involves direct observation of people in their natural environment.

Well-designed observational studies can help you, your patients, regulators, and prescribers understand the real-world use, value, and safety of your products. Observational studies are also increasingly important for decision-making, due to the fact that risks and benefits, patient-centricity and comparative efficacy remain the industry’s driving themes.


SPRIM helps set up observational studies in all disciplines of human health by providing information on “real world” use and practice. We can detect signs of specific product benefit and risk in the population at large, which helps with formulating hypotheses to be tested during subsequent experiments. This can provide part of the community-level data required to design more informative and pragmatic clinical trials and inform clinical practice.

In accordance with international guidelines, we are able to support the conduct of various types of observational studies:

  • Cohort studies
  • Case-Control Study
  • Transversal Studies


100% Online Observation Studies

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Our Publications

Liver Fibrosis Epidemiology Revisited Using Software Combined Biomarker: Proof of Concept Using 1,081,658 Centralised Fibrotest (FT) Prescriptions

Prevalence of general obesity and abdominal obesity in the Spanish adult population (Aged 25-64 Years) 2014-2015 : The ENPE Study

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